Friday, May 8, 2009

Dr. Duane King visited, Apr 30

Dr. Duane King, director of the Gilcrease Museum visited last week for a lecture sponsored by us and the Foundation as part of the American Indian Lecture Series.

Our flier for "Cherokee Diplomacy in the 18th Century" with Dr. Duane King. The painting is of Cunne Shote and the medal (front and back) is a recent Virginia metal (rare piece) that could have possibly been presented to tribal members in the 18th century.

Cunne Shote, from the Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Dr. King is a foremost authority on Cherokee history and culture. His groundbreaking research and archaeological work at Chota, has been very important to Native historians and early American historians alike. He works with/for the NMAI, Museum of the Cherokee Indian, and other organizations as well.

Dr. Duane King

To hang out with him for two days was amazing, between him and Buck, my brain was exploding with information. His lecture was stimulating and fascinating, all based on his book about Cherokee diplomacy (I can't find the title right now). His writing about Ostenaco and the Cherokee "Kings" who traveled to Europe was so neat to learn about, and their treatment by the English as rock stars, and the failures of the man who brought them there.

It was an honor to help host him, and I look forward to reading his book, and learning more from him perhaps in the future!

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