Monday, April 20, 2009

Museums and the Web 2009

A few weeks ago Amy McKune asked me to represent on her behalf at the Eiteljorg's hosting of a demo for the Museum & the Web Conference 2009. Amy, along with Dr. Larry Zimmerman and Richard McCoy (Objects Conservator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art) worked together with the Purdue computer science department's assistant professor of CS Daniel Aliaga and grad students Alvin Law and Yu Hong Heung, to create a unique conservation technique titled "An Interactive Display for Real-Time Viewing of Virtually Restored Museum Artifacts" Here is a link to the paper, I'd take a look there, for a better explanation of what it consists of, and how it executes itself.

So, Monday, I greeted the Purdue team and helped (alongside with help from Larry & Richard and the staff at the Eiteljorg) them set up their demo for the following day's staff demo and pre-conference demo.

I admit, it was a long process...however, it worked out well, and after plenty of hitches, it eventually went off without any. It did take about 9 hours to set up, but, on Tuesday everything went well and the team was off to the IMA for an equally as long set up, with a new object.

It's an interesting project, and I think could have potential use for public interaction and conservation interaction.

Here are a few images documenting the set up for your viewing pleasure, click on the picture to see my flickr show. Just short and sweet.

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